Juliana Jaime

Systems Engineering Student

Juliana Jaime


I'm a 23-year old system and computing engineering student at Universidad de Los Andes based in Bogotá, Colombia. I'm currently in my fourth academic year and expect to graduate in October 2019. I'm passionate about software development and forensic computing.


Gimnasio Británico

IB School | Chía, Colombia | Graduated in 2012

Kolding Gymnasium

Kolding, Denmark | 2012-2013 | 3rd Grade as an exchange student with AFS

Universidad de los Andes

2013 - present | Graduation on October 2019


Universidad de los Andes

Assistant instructor of an introductory course of Object-oriented programming (OOP)| 2017-2018


I helped to develop a bussines application for a maritime agency alongside a software engineering team. I am incharge of back-end development with JavaEE, using RestEasy and Hibernate frameworks that communicate with an Oracle SQL database. I also give technical support to an Enterprise Bus developed in Fuse ESB.| 2018-present

Achievements and Projects

Quiero Estudiar Escala Scholarship

Scholarship given to me by University of Los Andes when I first started to study there.

Golden Needle

Android mobile app designed and developed by me that helps people connect with tailors near them in order to make their Pinterest dream outfits come true.



Spanish - native | English - B2 level | French - B1 level | Danish - A1 level | Italian - B1 level.


HTML5 | CSS | Python | JavaEE | Git | Bash | Java for Android.


Illustrator | Photoshop.


I love crocheting and knitting in my free time, its the hobby I love the most. I also love cats, they are amazing and loving animals. I enjoy spending time with my mom and my boyfriend, the 2 people I love the most. I also enjoy reading about how space-time works and similar subjects. I love cooking special meals for my family and doing personal projects on Adobe Illustrator. I also love volunteering very much, I used to be volunteer at Techo Colombia where I spent whole weekends building emergency houses for people who needed a roof and a safe place to live temporarly.

About the music I enjoy the most listening. My musical taste varies a lot, here's a playlist with some of the songs and artists I love the most.

I recently went visiting the sea lions at La Joya, one of the most beautiful shores in San Diego, CA. They are basicaly the cats of the sea. They just lay there and sleep all day long, and eventualy go for a swim.


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